Your care is still our top priority. Appointments are available as video visits, phone calls or in-person visits as needed, with the same safe, world-class care you expect.

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Now that you know you’re expecting, the first step in preparing for your baby’s arrival is finding a provider that feels “just right.”

At Loma Linda University Children’s Health, we think of our team as your partners during pregnancy. We provide the expertise, guidance and tools you need to feel confident in your maternity care, and supported emotionally, spiritually and physically.

Why Choose Us for Prenatal Care

  • Expert prenatal and pregnancy care to guide you through a healthy pregnancy or handle complex issues.
  • Complete prenatal testing — from routine to highly-specialized — including blood work, ultrasounds, blood sugar (glucose) tests and more, to understand any possible risks and keep you and your baby healthy.
  • Advanced genetic testing to check for unusual conditions
  • Education through workshops and support groups about everything from exercise during pregnancy to understanding baby’s sleep patterns.

Specialized Care for Every Twist and Turn

In most cases, a healthy pregnancy leads to a healthy delivery. But if problems arise, you can trust our team to handle any complication. When you receive maternity care at Loma Linda University Children’s Health, you’re backed by specially trained experts who are ready to care for you in the most complex circumstances.

And since we’re an academic medical center, our Specialty Team Centers and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit have specialists available around-the-clock to provide immediate and highly-skilled critical care or you or your baby, should you need it.

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