The Pediatric Specialty Team Centers at Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital provide multidisciplinary, comprehensive and individualized patient care for children ages birth through 21 years who have chronic, multisystem physical challenges. Comprehensive diagnostic evaluation and treatment, as well as long-term follow-up care are provided in an outpatient setting, and some chronic patients, such as patients with cystic fibrosis and spina bifida, are followed past the age of 21.

Our Team & Services

Our innovative team approach consists of highly specialized physicians, nurse specialists, social workers, dietitians, physical, occupational and speech therapists. This multidisciplinary team provides a wide range of services including these frequent procedures and services:

  • Physician examination
  • Multidisciplinary coordination of care
  • Primary nurse case management
  • Family-focused care
  • Psychosocial assessment and interventions
  • Patient and family education
  • Referral to community agencies

Conditions Treated

  • Craniofacial – For children with Cleft lip / palate and other Craniofacial anomalies
  • Cystic Fibrosis – For treatment of children with Cystic Fibrosis
  • Diabetes / Endocrine – To provide care for children with insulin dependent and non-insulin dependent diabetes and other endocrinological conditions
  • Hemophilia / Sickle Cell – To provide care for children with blood disorders such as Hemophilia and Sickle Cell
  • High-Risk Infant – For care and treatment of children who have been discharged home from the NICU but still require close medical supervision
  • High-Risk Pregnancy – To provide care when mom or baby has a condition that causes risks during pregnancy
  • Metabolic – To care for children born with metabolic disorders
  • Neuroimmunology – When an autoimmune diseases causes the immune system to attach healthy tissue in the brain and nervous system
  • Spina Bifida – To treat children with neural tube defects

Specialty Treatments Offered

  • BPD – For treatment of children with Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia
  • Cardiology and Heart Transplant – To provide a full range of specialized/technical cardiac services to children
  • GI / TPN – For children with complex GI issues and those on total parenteral nutrition   
  • Hematology / Oncology – For care of children with childhood cancers and blood disorders such as aplastic anemia
  • HMV – For children who are home on mechanical ventilators
  • Infectious Disease Immunology – For treatment of children with primary and secondary immune deficient diseases
  • Nephrology - For children with complex issues such as kidney failure, pre/post renal dialysis, and organ transplant
  • Neurology – For treatment of children with seizures, attention deficit, neuromuscular, and other neurological and behavior disorders 
  • Rheumatology – For children with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, Dermatomyositis, and other connective tissue disorders

Criteria for Admission

Each Specialty Team Center has identified specific criteria for admission into their service. Patients may be self-referred or referred by their physician. Admission into a Specialty Team Center shall involve the identification and prioritization of patient needs and the ability to meet those needs. All patients who meet the criteria serviced by the Center will be accepted.

Hours of Operation

Monday – Thursday, 8:00 am – 4:30 pm
Friday, 8:00 am – 4:00 pm

Our Locations

Specialty Team Center
2195 Club Center Drive, Suite G
San Bernardino, CA 92408

Pediatric Diabetes Center
11370 Barton Road B800
Loma Linda, CA 92354