Our Patient Family Advisory Council (PFAC) gives parents a voice to help shape the patient experience for children at our hospital. Council members include a mix of parent advocates and hospital staff working together to better serve the needs of kids and families in our community.

Our Vision

The PFAC represents the shared voice of all those our hospital serves. Through collaboration with hospital staff, the council plans initiatives, creates resources, and completes projects to support and improve the patient experience. Members have the following responsibilities:

  • Engage families to uncover opportunities for improvement.
  • Nurture partnership in care by embracing teamwork, wholeness, integrity, compassion, and excellence.
  • Listen to others’ unique perspectives to guide decision making.
  • Inform the hospital about areas of opportunity and develop shared goals.

Past Projects and Initiatives

Parent presentations

Doctors in training from various resident physician groups gather to hear presentations from parents of children who have spent time in the hospital. The resident groups listen for opportunities as parents share their experiences navigating care, from diagnosis to bereavement.

Visitor meal voucher program

In 2018, $7 meals became available at hospital bedsides for patient families in need. To help ease families’ stress and financial pressure, the council expanded the program by creating a webpage where anyone can donate meal vouchers. Since its creation, hundreds of meals have been donated for families that need them most.

Patient family resource list

The council helped create a concise list of resources for caregivers of children with long-term medical conditions. The resource list provides information on various topics to help not only the child, but their caregiver as well. The list was created in collaboration with teams across our organization, from social work and child life to the LLU School of Behavioral Health.

Become a Member

The PFAC includes seven parents, guardians, or family members of patients, as well as seven hospital staff from varied specialties. If you’re part of one of these groups, you’re eligible to apply to be a council member.

All 14 members share responsibility for the council's work, both during and between monthly meetings. Members also have the unique opportunity to inform patient experience at meetings of other committees within the hospital.

The PFAC is always looking for volunteers. If you’re interested in lending your voice to patients and families, contact CHFamilyAdvisory@llu.edu to apply. As a member, you'll be required to complete volunteer orientation and training and join council meetings on the third Thursday of each month.


  • Kristin Diaz, AVP Clinical Operations, Loma Linda University Children's Hospital
  • Beth Rankin, AVP Clinical Operations, Loma Linda University Children's Hospital
  • Mitsuhiko (Miko) Tsukimoto, MD, Attending Physician, General Pediatrics and Palliative Medicine
  • Dina Evans, Director of Child Life Services