Every patient has a story to tell. Before you begin your own story with Loma Linda University Children’s Health, watch the videos below and listen as our patients share their experiences.


Since pioneering pediatric heart transplants in 1984, we have worked hard to continue advancing procedures and technologies that allow us to give kids a second chance at life. Paisley is a patient of ours who needed a new heart—watch the video to hear her story.


Battling cancer is something that nobody signs up for—least of all a child. After a routine blood screening revealed she had leukemia, Kimie showed us her remarkable capacity for courage as she began treatment at Loma Linda University Children’s Health. Listen to Kimie’s story below.


Even though Adrian lost part of his leg, he can still live a whole, happy life thanks to his new prosthetic leg, custom-fitted for his body. Loma Linda University Children’s Health helps children in need of prosthetics by providing innovative services like on-site fabrication.


These triplets were born dangerously early, weighing only two pounds each. Our team of neonatal doctors and nurses were able to provide all three babies with the care they needed to get off to a healthy start.


When Lauren didn’t seem like herself, her parents were concerned. When her doctor referred her to Loma Linda University Children’s Health, her parents were shocked by how serious her condition was. Our pediatric diabetes experts helped Lauren get back to her healthy, happy self.


When he was born, Isaiah needed a new heart. The pediatric heart care team at Loma Linda University Children’s Health was able to give Isaiah a second chance at a full life. Today, Isaiah takes full advantage of that second chance while his doctors check up through ongoing care.