When your child has a neurodevelopmental disability, such as autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, learning disorder or developmental delay, we can help. Your child begins with primary screening and, if necessary, moves on to complex evaluation with a team that includes a neurologist, neuropsychologist and occupational therapist. The result is a thorough report of your child’s specific diagnosis and a plan to access the medical, educational, and therapy services your child needs.

Why Choose Us For Your Child’s Neurodevelopmental Care

  • You’ll receive treatment based on your child’s symptoms. Each neurologist brings years of experience and expertise to your child’s specific condition.
  • Our neurologists, psychologists and therapists work together to provide whole-child care and comprehensive therapy options.

Pediatric Neuro-Assessment Program (PNAP)

Our Pediatric Neuro-Assessment Program (PNAP) evaluates children with neurodevelopmental disabilities such as learning disorders, intellectual disability, attention deficit disorders and many other conditions. Your child may be seen by a child neurologist, geneticist and other health care professionals who specialize in these types of disabilities. After evaluation, you’ll receive a comprehensive report to help you understand your child’s diagnosis and learn tools for working with the school system and other community resources to find the treatment and help your child needs.

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