The pediatric neurology team at Loma Linda University Children's Health includes pediatric neurologists, dedicated pediatric nurse practitioners, psychologists, therapists and other health professionals — all working together to provide the best possible care for your child. Our varied backgrounds and experience means that care is considered from every angle and that a child’s treatment plan is tailored to their unique needs.

Whether children need inpatient or outpatient care, we’ve got it covered. Our renowned team provides evaluation services and advanced treatment options for children with a wide variety of disorders affecting the nervous system, including:

Highly Specialized Clinics

Complex Epilepsy Team Center

This center specializes in the treatment of epilepsy in children who do not respond to conventional epilepsy medications.

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Mitochondrial Disorders Clinic

Mitochondrial disorders cause a wide range of problems, from failure to thrive to hearing loss and learning delays. Our clinic cares for children living with these conditions to provide assistance and guidance with testing and therapy.

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Neurofibromatosis Clinic

Our clinic is designed to help children with Neurofibromatosis (NF) manage their symptoms, which may include skin, bone and eye abnormalities, heart defects and learning disorders.

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Neuromuscular Clinic

Our Pediatric Neuromuscular Clinics place specialists with varying backgrounds — neurologists, pulmonologists, cardiologists, physical therapists, nutritionists, occupational therapists and social workers — in one convenient place to treat your child with genetic and acquired disorders involving the muscles, nerves, and neuromuscular junctions. As part of their comprehensive care plan, we assist families with entry into research studies that can offer novel therapies for their children.

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Pediatric Autoimmune Encephalitis Clinic

At the clinic, pediatric neurologists, rheumatologists, rehabilitation physicians and neuropsychologists work side-by-side to provide comprehensive care for your child with NMDA receptor encephalitis, limbic encephalitis or an associated neuro-immunological disease.

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Pediatric Headache Clinic

The Pediatric Headache Clinic guides families through diagnosis and treatment. From lifestyle changes to the latest treatments and preventive therapies, help children get back to everyday life.

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Pediatric Neurology Cerebral Palsy and Movement Disorder Center

This center excels in the care of children with complex motor disorders, include cerebral palsy, dystonia, choreoathetosis, ataxia, and other motor disorders.  We coordinate care starting as early as the prenatal period with care provided over a person's infancy, childhood, adolescence, and adulthood.

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Pediatric Stroke Clinic

Our Pediatric Stroke Clinic helps children of all ages with the unique needs associated with childhood stroke. Our renowned physicians provide special expertise, and are members of the International Pediatric Stroke Study group. Their groundbreaking research contributes innovative therapies that shape the future of pediatric stroke care.

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Pediatric Traumatic Brain Injury Clinic

The clinic's primary purpose is to assist children who’ve developed physical, cognitive, and behavioral impairments as a result of traumatic brain injury. Our team has 40 years of clinical experience and is internationally recognized for our expertise in the field of pediatric TBI.

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Tuberous Sclerosis Clinic

Created for children and adults with tuberous sclerosis, our clinic offers a comprehensive evaluation for each patient, and then coordinates their care across a wide network of specialists and programs.

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Vagus Nerve Stimulator Clinic

At the Vagus Nerve Stimulator Clinic, we follow a rigorous evaluation process to determine whether patients would be best treated with surgical resection or are good candidates for VNS implantation. If implanted, Patients will visit the clinic regularly so we can optimize seizure control by manipulating device settings, and when possible, weaning them from anti-seizure medications.

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Meet Our People

Dr. Stephen Ashwal, MD

Pediatric Neurologist

"Our physicians take care of thousands of children with rare, serious and acute and chronic diseases of the nervous system, both in the hospital and in our outpatient clinics. They do this because they’re committed to optimizing the quality of life for affected children, fulfilling the overall mission of Loma Linda University Children’s Health."

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