In order to make your child’s visit more comfortable remember to bring the items listed below:


  • Photo id/ passport
  • Transportation
  • Clothes/shoes
  • Medication co-pay
  • Car set/booster chair

When Applicable, Please Bring

  • Your personal physician name and phone number
  • Wheelchair
  • Crutches/walker
  • Diapers
  • Bottles/formula/water
  • Oxygen tank (other equipment)

Day Surgery Visit

  • All health insurance and prescription cards
  • A security item for your child (blanket, pacifier, stuffed animal, favorite toy)
  • Bottle or nipple that the baby/child may favor
  • Sippee cup for toddlers
  • Pillow for the car ride home
  • Children should wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing (no jeans or belts)

Inpatient Stay or Outpatient Visit

  • Insurance Card
  • Local emergency contact name, address and telephone number
  • Immunization Records
  • Social Security Card Referral or Authorization Information (if available)
  • Medical Care Form (if adoptive or foster parent)
  • X-rays from Outside Facilities (if orthopedic appointment)

Information on Your Child Medication:

Please bring all your child’s medication with you – or a list of medications that your child is taking to the hospital. If you are unable to create a list before coming to the hospital, bring all of your child's medicines, in their original bottles. To help us care for your child, keep your child’s list up to date, adding new medicines and deleting old ones. The medicine record should list:

  • Why your child is taking the medicine
  • The amount (or strength) of each medicine that your child takes
  • How your child takes each medicine (pill, liquid, by mouth, or injection)
  • Information on who ordered the medicine for your child
  • Information on over-the-counter medications (aspirin, Tylenol, cold medicine, vitamins or herbs)
  • Any allergies to medicine and food

Keep a Patient Medication Log which you can bring any time you have a doctor's appointment or are going to the hospital.

Download Patient Medication Log

Items from Home

Depending on what unit your child is admitted (i.e PICU) and or diagnosis, you might need to check with your nurse before bringing any of the items listed below to the hospital Have your child help you pack their bag for the hospital. Bring items from home to help your child feel more at ease and less afraid in the hospital. Examples of items you might bring include (please label all belongings):

  • A favorite blanket or pillow
  • Toys, books, games, and music
  • Photos of family members and pets
  • DVD’s
  • Glasses, hearing aids, crutches, braces
  • Corrective shoes or other orthopaedic aids
  • Slippers or socks
  • Comfortable clothes and underwear (sweatshirts, sweatpants, and pajamas to sleep in)
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Schoolwork, if appropriate
  • Other personal items like (hairbrush, lip balm, etc.)

What Not To Bring

  • Do not bring valuables, large sums of cash, or anything that cannot be replaced.
  • Cellular phones can interfere with medical equipment and are not allowed in all clinical areas. Cell phones are allowed outdoors and in certain "Cell Safe" zones. Watch for the signs inside the hospital or ask your child’s nurse.
  • Non-medical electrical items, such as video games, radios, or hair dryers. Please check with your child’s nurse first about any items that need to be plugged into a wall.
  • Flowers and stuffed animals. These are discouraged for health reasons in certain patient units. Please check with your child’s nurse.
  • Latex (rubber) balloons are a safety hazard and are not allowed. Metallic Mylar® balloons are permitted.

*** Children's Hospital is not responsible for securing any of the items brought in; nor is it responsible for any lost and or damaged items.