Residents learn from a wide variety of formats from clinical exposure to more structured conferences. The topics that are taught are focused toward preparing residents for the Pediatric Board Exam. Content specifications, review articles and other guidelines published by the American Academy of Pediatrics are all resources that guide the curriculum that we use. All clinical learning occurs in a setting of direct contact with the attendings.

Noon Conference:

Residents will be able to participate interactively via electronic or webinar portals with the noon conferences occurring at Loma Linda. All noon conferences are recorded and residents will also have availability to listen along with powerpoint presentations via Camtasia that have been pre-recorded the day prior from Loma Linda’s noon conferences when they are on night float or post call and therefore miss a conference day. Esteemed faculty present information focused on their areas of expertise at these didactic conferences. Nearly the entirety of the American Board of Pediatrics Content specifications is presented over an 18 month cycle.

Morbidity and Mortality:

A discussion based conference occurring every month where attendings, residents, nurses, and support staff learn from interesting cases or cases where there is an opportunity for quality improvement.

Simulation Lab:

The new education building with a new simulation lab is under construction and scheduled to open September 2014.

Grand Rounds:

Both hospital wide and pediatric specific grand rounds are available.

Super Tuesday:

Case based interactive discussions are prepared by a team of residents with a faculty mentor.


During your months at the Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital, you will participate in all of the educational activities on site, along with the categorical residents.

Please check full educational curriculum while at LLUCH.