The Pediatric Residency Program at Loma Linda University promotes balance between clinical responsibilities and personal wellness. Residents have access to many educational, professional and personal resources in order to ensure their physical and mental well-being. 

The program not only supports residents going through difficult times, but also provides many avenues for residents to socialize outside of work. Residents themselves also organize get-togethers and social activities and are supported in doing so by their elected wellness chairs.

Activities & Groups

The program hosts plenty of fun events and activities throughout the year. Some of the biggest include September’s Residency Retreat, annual spring class retreats, the annual Christmas Party, and graduation. Other events have included: 

  • Thankful Thursdays (once per month didactic-free period where lunch is provided)
  • Bowling Night
  • Halloween Costume Contest and trick-or-treat on the wards
  • Puppies and Pizza
  • Group outings to the Redlands Market Night
  • Intramural teams and competitions
  • Residency-wide events such as hikes at Hulda Crook Park
  • Park Days
  • Socially-distanced Picnics
  • Virtual Trivia Night