What We Do

Residents learn from a wide variety of formats from clinical exposure to more structured conferences. The topics that are taught are focused toward preparing residents for the Pediatric Board Exam. Content specifications, review articles and other guidelines published by the American Academy of Pediatrics are all resources that guide the curriculum that we use.

Morning Report

  • Ward: A ward team presents an interesting case and discusses learning points in an interactive format with the other residents.
  • Ambulatory: A senior or intern is in charge of researching an interesting and applicable outpatient topic and presenting it with critical analysis of the statistical structure and final outcome of the research project. The remaining residents that do not present an EBM add curriculum to our outpatient modules.

Noon Conference:

Esteemed faculty present information focused on their areas of expertise at these didactic conferences. Nearly the entirety of the American Board of Pediatrics Content specifications are presented over an 18 month cycle. Lunch is always provided.

Evidence-Based Medicine:

  • Journal Club - monthly series highlighting key components of evidence based medicine using up to date articles relevant to sub-specialty and general pediatrics - hospitalist and outpatient - medicine.
  • Core Resident EBM Mentoring group – Geared toward residents with special interest in evidence based medicine, this monthly meeting teaches higher level skills for article critique.

Morbidity and Mortality:

A discussion based conference where residents and attending physicians can learn from events that occurred due to suboptimal delivery of medical care.

Human Patient Simulator:

At our world class simulation center, resident teams learn skills such as effective communication during a code, appropriate clinical decision making in the midst of a trauma, procedure proficiency in a safe environment and much more. The scenarios are led by dedicated faculty members from the PICU, NICU and Pediatric Emergency Medicine department, providing exposure to a variety of case presentations.

Super Tuesday:

Resident led conferences where interesting cases are presented which lead to a dynamic discussion between resident and attending physicians.

Senior Didactics:

Small group discussions lead by the senior resident of the ward team, where relevant topics are taught to the interns while the senior resident learns how to be an effective teacher.

Grand Rounds:

Friday Morning presentations for the entire children’s hospital lead by invited speakers, attending physicians or senior residents with contents varying from ground breaking research to an in-depth discussion of a disease.

Radiology Rounds:

Expert pediatric trained radiologists view images with residents to educate them on how to read the studies that were ordered on their patients.

Chief Rounds:

Chief resident lead rounds where, with prior permission granted by patient and family, the residents have the opportunity to learn first-hand the unique features and physical findings of a specific disorder or disease process.

Resident as Teacher:

Attending physicians skilled in teaching provide a lecture series in multiple formats to educate residents on how to be the most effective teacher.