If your child has a complex or chronic medical condition — anything from diabetes to disabilities and life-threatening diseases — the experts at Loma Linda University Children’s Health are trusted partners. We’ll coordinate your child’s care and work directly with sub-specialists to provide an excellent home base for all of your child’s medical needs.

Why Choose Us for Chronic & Complex Care

  • All the experts in one place: You’ll be connected to more than 200 pediatricians, pediatric subspecialists, and pediatric surgeons across every discipline and specialty — all working together for your child’s benefit.
  • Coordinated care: Our pediatricians will coordinate care for your child’s complex medical needs, and work with specialists to stay updated on progress.
  • Long-term care for complex conditions: For children with chronic, multi-symptom illnesses like spina bifida or cystic fibrosis, the Pediatric Specialty Team Centers offer comprehensive diagnosis and treatment options for our patients, along with long-term follow-up care.
  • Convenient patient portal: You can use MyChart  for on-demand access to your child’s health care information, anytime, anywhere. Through age 11, parents have full proxy access for health information and can view test results, schedule appointments, request prescription refills, and more.
"We are closely linked with our Loma Linda University Health subspecialists, making the coordination of your child’s care completely seamless. We offer direct access to any specialist your child may need."

Caring For Your Child is Our Mission

For the team at Loma Linda University Children’s Health, caring for your child is more than a job. It’s our calling. With a desire to continue the healing ministry of Christ, we’re here to enhance your child’s life. Through special programs and camps for children with chronic illnesses, such as Camp Conrad Chinnock Diabetes Camp — and more than 1,200 nurses, child life specialists and other health care professionals — we deliver a healthier physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual future to children.

"Do not lose hope. Do not let sickness take over your life. Never lose sight of what you want to do."