As your child grows into a teen, we know questions and concerns about their health can also grow. You can count on our pediatric experts to help with the unique health needs that accompany adolescence.

We’re a trusted partner for teens and their parents, offering a safe space for STI (sexually transmitted infection) testing, reproductive care, behavioral health or any other health needs that arise during the teen years.

Why Choose Us for Adolescent Care

  • Care made for teens: Our expert team understands the unique needs that arise during adolescence, from behavioral health to birth control counseling.
  • Mental health and more: Specialized behavioral health programs for teens, such as the adolescent intensive outpatient program.
  • Nutrition and physical health: Sports physicals, weight and nutrition counseling, and health education for teens.
  • Sexual and reproductive health: We offer a safe space for sexually transmitted infection (STI) testing, pregnancy, and reproductive care.
  • Better access to care: Same-day and fast track appointments make getting care for simple illnesses or injuries easier than ever.
Glenn Scott
Glenn Scott
"I tell teenagers that just because they might be struggling today, it doesn’t mean it’s a life sentence. There are people who can help you find a path to success."

Acute Mental Health Care Designed With Teens in Mind

With the only dedicated unit in the region designed just for teens, we’re ready to help with the behavioral health-related issues that often come up during adolescence, such as substance abuse, self-harm and eating disorders. This special unit — with soothing color schemes and a clean, laid-back environment — gives teenagers the opportunity to socialize with peers experiencing the same challenges, and to participate in activities that help them learn to be “whole.”

Loma Linda University Children's Health patient Alexander Harris

Achieving the Goal

Just 10 months after emergency surgery for a shattered vertebra, Alexander was able to graduate high school. Find out how his surgeon helped him achieve the goal.
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