Spanning the fifth floor of the Children’s Hospital, the San Manuel Maternity Pavilion is dedicated to providing new and expecting moms comfortable, calming and comprehensive maternity care. Made possible by the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians, our maternity pavilion helps us provide the highest level of care to more moms and babies than ever before.

Well-Baby Nursery Providing the best possible care to our smallest patients

Private Patient Rooms Labor and recovery needs privacy and comfort

High-Risk Patient Rooms Equipped for the most complex care before and after birth

Landmark Gift

The San Manuel Band of Mission Indians honored us with a $25 million gift, laying the foundation for us to build a healthier future for children in our community. This gift — the second largest in our history — brings full circle a relationship of mutual support spanning over a century. Our gratitude is matched only by our commitment to the ideal the gift represents: better care, more access and healthier living for everyone in the region.

Complete Maternity Care

The San Manuel Maternity Pavilion offers complete maternity services, building upon the award-winning care our hospitals are known for. The entire labor and delivery journey has been reimagined, from mom’s arrival at the hospital to the whole family’s recovery after birth.

Expanded Access to Care

With nine triage rooms, our team can welcome and evaluate more expecting moms than ever before.

Redesigned Operating Rooms

Redesigned operating rooms (including special C-section rooms) help our experts provide the highest possible level of care.

Overnight Spaces for Parents

Overnight spaces provide parents with a full recliner, couch and pull-out bed for a more restful stay at the hospital.

Private & Comfortable Rooms

Both before and after delivery, each patient stays in one of 11 private rooms designed with comfortable amenities.

Family Waiting Rooms

Dedicated family waiting rooms provide a welcoming space for loved ones to gather during what can be a stressful time.

Well-Baby Nursery

The well-baby nursery wraps newborns in all the comfort and care they need to get off to their best start.

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High-Risk Birth Care

About 50% of births in our hospital today are high-risk. Our maternity pavilion has everything our team needs to continue providing leading high-risk birth care, including a Level 4 NICU (neonatal intensive care unit). As an expecting mother, you can feel confident you’ll have access to the expertise and technologies needed for the safest care of both you and your child.