Your child’s heart is your top priority – and at Loma Linda University Children’s Health, it’s ours too. We offer cutting-edge technology, education, research and surgical options for our pediatric heart care patients. From diagnosis to comprehensive treatment plans, our pediatric cardiologists strive for the best possible outcomes for newborns, infants, children and adolescents with heart care needs.

Why Choose Us for Pediatric Heart Care

  • Experience you can trust: We have more than 40 years as a leader in pediatric cardiac programs, so you can be confident your child is receiving the best care possible.
  • Intensive care for children: If your child requires round-the-clock care, we offer a 14-bed pediatric cardiac ICU that provides state-of-the-art care for our critically ill patients.
  • Pioneers in transplant: If your child needs a transplant, our expertise is unmatched. We pioneered infant heart transplant in 1984 and remain a global leader in the field. 
  • Care for moms and babies: As part of our family-centered care approach, we offer a fetal congenital heart program that allows mothers and newborns to be in close proximity. 
  • Regional leaders: We’re the first Inland Empire hospital accredited by the Joint Commission to provide Melody Valves to children.

Pioneering Pediatric Heart Care

Loma Linda University Health pioneered pediatric heart transplantation in 1984 and has remained a worldwide leader in pediatric cardiac programs for more than 40 years. Our surgeons have performed more infant heart transplants than anywhere else in the world, and we are renowned for our non-invasive heart care as well.  

Our Services

Cardiac Catheterization

If your child needs interventional heart care, we offer the latest in non-surgical procedures and implantation.

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Cardiac Intensive Care Unit

Your child will have 24/7 access to critical care specialists and the same care team from admission to discharge.

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Heart Failure & Transplant

As the pioneers of infant heart transplant, our team offers innovative heart failure treatment and transplant evaluation.

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Testing for arrhythmias and other heart rhythm issues is performed in a safe, compassionate environment for children.

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Non-Invasive Cardiology

From echocardiogram to MRI and more, we provide non-invasive tests for young heart patients from ages 0 to 18.

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Pulmonary Hypertension

Your child’s pulmonary hypertension can be treated with advanced therapies by our caring, knowledgeable specialists.

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Fetal Cardiology

A fetal echocardiogram can find heart abnormalities early, allowing for faster intervention after birth. 

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