If your child has an advanced cardiac or cardiopulmonary vascular disease, you can trust our pediatric heart failure and transplantation team. Built around innovative surgical techniques, effective oral medications and trailblazing clinical trials, our program leads the way in exceptional cardiac care.

Why Choose Us for Your Child’s Heart Failure & Transplant Care  

  • Advanced treatments: Our participation in national, multi-center heart failure and transplant clinical research studies gives your child access to the most advanced treatment options available.
  • Trusted legacy: Your child will be cared for by those who pioneered the first infant heart transplant in 1984 and are still recognized internationally as leaders in the field with excellent outcomes.
  • Preventive care: We specialize in treating diseases that put a child at risk for heart failure, including cardiomyopathycongenital heart disease and pulmonary hypertension.
  • Family support: As you navigate the unique challenges of childhood cardiac illness, you’ll be supported by your child’s full care team: physicians, nurses, coordinator, social worker and pharmacist.  
  • Hope after heart failure: With support from medication and ventricular assistive devices (VAD), we diligently treat end-stage heart failure with these therapies while children await transplant.

Quick Facts

In the world to successfully perform infant-to-infant heart transplant
Pediatric heart transplants in 2018
Patients in nationwide clinical trial for post-transplant medication

Supportive Services

Helping your family on the journey to your child’s healthier heart means more than medical interventions. Our team will surround you with support, including:

  • Financial counselors to answer insurance coverage questions 
  • Help with transitioning to the home environment after transplant 
  • Nutritional/dietary guidance 
  • Pharmacy/medication assistance 
  • Social workers to direct you toward resources 
  • Child life specialists to make your child comfortable
  • Specialized follow up care until adulthood 

Memberships & Accreditation

  • Pediatric Advanced Heart Failure Program – Children’s Cardiomyopathy Foundation Accredited Center
  • Pediatric Marfan Syndrome Cardiovascular Program – National Marfan Foundation Accredited
  • United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS) – Approved Transplant Institute
  • Pediatric Heart Transplant Society (PHTS) – Member

Heart Transplant News

Codi Pelton and stormtroopers

A New Hope (and Heart)

Star Wars fan Codi waited years for a heart transplant. When the time finally came, Dr. Bock suited up with some very special PPE to remind Codi that hope isn't just for galaxies far, far away.