The Loma Linda University Medical Center Pediatric Emergency Department was opened in July 2002. As the only trauma I center in this area, serving a region equal to 25 percent of the State of California, residents are exposed to a vast array of acute clinical presentations. Roughly 25,000 children per year receive care in our pediatric emergency department. In house pediatric specialists, including anti-venom experts, surgeons and a variety of other pediatric trained providers are always just a phone call away. The fast-paced environment of the emergency room allows residents to be the first line physicians in traumas, perform procedures such as intubations, laceration repairs, and sedations and provide acute care in a multi-subspecialty setting.

This training attracts some residents to pursue a fellowship in pediatric emergency medicine which is also offered at Loma Linda University Children's Hospital. Please follow the link below to obtain additional information about the fellowship program.

Pediatric Emergency Medicine Fellowship