The Whole Child Assessment (WCA) is a self-report tool designed to be an interview guide for use at well-child visits, and is a California state-approved Individual Health Education Behavioral Assessment (IHEBA).  The WCA offers age-specific versions in English and Spanish for ages 0-20 years old.  Each version incorporates questions about exposure to and risk of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), as well as other social determinants, safety, substance use, mental health, relationships, sleep, physical activity, nutrition, dental care, tuberculosis risk, and interval history.  Use of the WCA during well-child visits facilitates prioritization of time in order to help identify and address factors most important to health outcomes.

For more information about the WCA, contact Dr. Ariane Marie-Mitchell, Note- additional social determinants and other updates in progress for version 3- your feedback welcome.

Whole Child Assessment - Version 2

Whole Child Assessment - Supporting Documents