Our pediatric diabetes clinic provides whole person care with education, resources, technology and research to improve your child’s quality of life. We care for diabetes patients from birth through age 21. 

Our standard of care is guided by:

  • The American Academy of Pediatrics 
  • American Diabetes Association Standards of Medical Care
  • California Children's Services (CCS)
  • Loma Linda University Children's Health policies 

Every physician at our center is board certified with additional training as a pediatric endocrinologist. We welcome referrals from other pediatric endocrinologists, primary care pediatricians and medical providers throughout the community.  

Pediatric Diabetes Clinic Services 

At our pediatric diabetes clinic, we provide care that includes physician exams, blood sugar monitoring, and one-on-one consultation with a diabetes nurse educator, dietitian and social worker.  

Clinic appointments are our time to coordinate your child’s care, provide your family with resources and intervene any acute complications of diabetes. Our clinic is designed to treat patients for the long-term, with follow-up care that lasts until adulthood. 

Pediatric Diabetes Research 

The pediatric endocrinologists at our center are passionate researchers. Each physician here is committed to making new discoveries that improve childhood diabetes treatment. Members of our team have conducted research on neonatal diabetes, islet grafts, therapeutic regimens and adherence strategies for teenage patients.