Information for Parents

Additional Resources 

These sites may be helpful to you in taking care of your child and better understanding his or her medical problems.

  • SafeKids focuses on reducing accidental traumatic injuries to children, concentrating on areas such as sports, bike safety, safety at home and more. 
  • The National Cancer Institute offers up-to-date and reliable information for patients and physicians about the treatment of most types of cancer.
  • The American Pseudo-obstruction and Hirschsprung’s Disease Society, Inc. (APHS) is a group that offers support and current information for health professionals as well as patients and parents of children with Hirschsprung's disease and other gastrointestinal motility problems.
  • Detailed information about pectus excavatum and the minimally-invasive operation that has been developed to correct this chest wall deformity can be found at a site from the Children's Hospital of the King's Daughters, where the operation was developed.