Comprehensive Care from Beginning to Recovery

Our highly qualified team is both multicultural and multidisciplinary. This allows special sensitivity to the individual needs of all our patients from initial referral and evaluation, through transplantation and recovery, to follow-up visits and the healthy return to the referring physician's care. Our team will make sure that all the changes and transitions experienced are as easy and simple as possible. We are here to help educate and support our patients to help them become and remain well.

Transplant Team

Transplant Physician

Albert Kheradpour
Quan Zhao 

Nurse Practitioner

Walter Sosa

Nurse Clinicians

Krista Golden
Elmine Ira Beard

Nurse Coordinators

Beverly Lovejoy

Financial Coordinator

Mary Grace Cruz

Nurse Research Coordinators

Nicolle Glover


Erika Wass

Social Workers

Janileny Lizardo
Marlene Carrillo
William Castillo

Case Manager

Lori Estrada
Sherry Sisson

Did You Know?

Loma Linda University Children's Hospital Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT) program is accredited by the Foundation for the Accreditation of Cellular Therapy (FACT) for its' highest quality patient care and lab performance.

Supportive Team

Nursing Leadership

Karen Kellar
Jacki Blake
Sherry Nolfe
Truphosa Otianga
Helen Staples-Evans

Nurse Managers

Scarlett Czarnecki
Jennifer Pedersen
Sonia Dickerson

Quality Improvement & Education

Lorena Mercado
Elizabeth Rankin
Rachael Walker


Stacey Jenne

Palliative Care

Gina Mohr
Michelle Rhiner
Mitsuhiko Tsukimoto

Physical Therapist

Cassandra Borba
Krista Wendt

Neuro-Psychological Services

Jamie Pivonka-Jones
Kiti Freier
Veronica Regueiro
Sharis Rostamian