Welcome to Loma Land, a virtual forest grove where one-of-a-kind animals, created and customized by you, make their home.

Quick Start Guide

  1. Choose an animal
  2. Choose a color
  3. Choose up to three accessories

Meet your custom animal at the Trailhead and see them enter the idyllic forest grove of Loma Land as you continue to the elevators.

Full Instructions

On the wall near you are three large touchscreen Design Stations. Each station shows a window into Loma Land and animals moving around. When you approach a station, a message appears that reads, "Welcome. Tap to begin."

After you tap the screen, a menu appears that reads, "Choose your animal." You can choose from a rabbit, a deer, a raccoon, a fox, or a bear. You also have a sixth option with a question mark on it. Once you select your animal, the station prompts you with a second step, "Choose a color." Each of the five animals comes with unique color options. Once you’ve chosen your favorite color, a third prompt appears which reads, "Choose up to 3." The menu provides you with a unique set of accessories for each animal to choose from. You can choose one of two headwear options, one of two neckwear options, and one of two eyewear options. All the accessories look like items you might find in a forest, such as an acorn hat, a flower necklace or a leaf mask.

If you choose the question mark option instead of choosing a specific animal to customize, the Design Station selects one of the five animals for you at random, complete with randomly generated color and accessories. You can choose to proceed with this animal, or you can select a button that reads, "Spin Again" to automatically customize another animal.

After you select your accessories or choose to proceed with your randomly generated animal, the Design Station shows you your customized animal and prompts you to turn to your right to meet them at the Trailhead entrance to the forest grove. The Trailhead scene is projected on the wall to the right of the three Design Stations. The projected area takes up the height of the wall. When your animal walks into frame, it is large in scale as well. The Trailhead is surrounded by pine trees. There are large boulders in the midground, and an open sunny patch of grass in the foreground. The animal walks in from the left and stops in the patch of grass. Before walking to the right into the forest grove, the animal makes a special gesture or does a trick, such as a wave or a jump.

After passing through the Trailhead, your animal finally enters the idyllic forest grove of Loma Land. If you proceed through the security turnstiles, the grove is projected along the nearly 60-foot long wall to your left. Your customized animal first walks beneath a group of tall pine trees. The tree branches provide areas of shade. Virtual sunlight filters through the tree branches creating dappled light patterns on the forest floor. Wildflowers grow around the base of the pine trees and blow in the breeze. The grove is nestled in a verdant valley, surrounded by mountain peaks in the distance. White clouds roll across the sky and animals of all shapes and sizes explore the forest, looking for nuts and berries, enjoying the nearby pond, or frolicking through the tall grass. Throughout the grove, large boulders provide warm surfaces for animals to sun themselves on or take a nap. In the center, a pond serves as the watering hole for every forest creature, as well as a great place to take a swim and cool off in the heat of the day. Stones break through the surface of the water and allow animals to walk out to the middle of the pond for a refreshing drink.

As you move down the hallway towards the elevators, the animals in Loma Land recognize your presence and will wave at you or perform a trick. If you proceed upstairs to an appointment, you will walk by the grove again when you return to the first floor. From this perspective, the grove will be on your right side. Animals made by other visitors now frolic through Loma Land, where all creatures can enjoy friends, fun and rest.