We're growing to meet the needs of our community better. Opening this summer, the new Children's Hospital Tower will profoundly enhance the experience we provide patients and families. Your journey begins in the wide open, welcoming lobby area and continues as you benefit from new areas and expanded services.

Children's Hospital Tower Highlights

San Manuel Maternity Pavilion

Located on the fifth floor, our new San Manuel Maternity Pavilion will house our existing mother and baby services in addition to these patient-focused features.

Private Patient Rooms For comfortable, family-focused labor and recovery

Well-Baby Nursery For newborn care and monitoring

High-Risk Patient Rooms To treat high-risk pregnancies and postpartum complications

New Inpatient Rooms

Inspired by our commitment to whole-person care, these new environments have been designed to maximize comfort and promote healing for children and teens.

Private Patient Rooms To give children space to heal

Overnight Space for Parents For patient comfort and parents peace of mind

Children's Tower School Room So your child can keep up with school work

Additional Clinical Care

When kids require specialty care, we'll have more ways to provide what they need. Our goal is to be the regional leader in offering these standout services.

Pediatric Emergency Department Emergency treatment where kids come first

Pediatric Inpatient Care When your child's condition requires overnight care

Children's Cardiovascular Lab To care for pediatric heart conditions


What services will move to the Children’s Hospital Tower?

Some services will move, while others will expand. Services moving or expanding to the new tower include: 

  • Maternity (moving)
  • Pediatric Diagnostics and Imaging (moving) 
  • Pediatric Acute Care (expanding to help us provide private patient rooms with space for parents to stay overnight) 

Will any new services be added?

Yes! Our newly added services will be the:

  • Children’s Cardiovascular Lab, for kids whose hearts need extra attention. 
  • Pediatric Emergency Department, to meet the immediate care needs of children and maternity patients. 

What is the Pediatric Emergency Department?

This will be one of the most important elements of our Children’s Tower expansion. If your child has a medical emergency or injury, bringing them to our kids-only emergency room can mean shorter wait times and less exposure to public health risks while waiting for treatment. The environment will be welcoming, family-friendly and specialized for pediatric emergency care. Please note: Maternity patients seeking emergency care should also use this department. 


Where will the Pediatric Emergency Department be located?

The Pediatric Emergency Department will be in the southwest corner of the Children’s Hospital Tower second floor. Although located near the adult Emergency Department, it will have its own patient drop off area, walk-in entrance and ambulance parking.    


Where will I park for the Pediatric Emergency Department?

After opening this summer, patient parking for the Pediatric Emergency Department will be in lots P3 and P4. Those who park in lot P3 will need to walk through the grand hallway and up one floor. 

Please note, the patient drop off area is intended for you to bring your child into treatment while your driver finds parking. Parking will not be allowed in the drop off area.    


How will this change pediatric and inpatient care?

Our improved inpatient services will provide private rooms for every patient, with in-room space for parents to stay overnight with their children.  

This includes children who: 

  • Need to be admitted to the hospital for overnight evaluation. 
  • Are too sick to go home after an emergency room visit or doctor appointment.  
  • Require “step down” care after discharge from the Intensive Care Unit.


How can I give birth at the San Manuel Maternity Pavilion?

The San Manuel Maternity Pavilion will provide a private labor, delivery and recovery experience for the 3,000+ mothers who deliver at Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital every year. All laboring mothers who arrive to deliver at the hospital will be cared for in the San Manuel Maternity Pavilion, once it opens this summer.  

The San Manuel Maternity Pavilion will also include a new area for mothers with high-risk pregnancies (including diabetes or hypertension) and/or postpartum complications. 


I have heard about a new underground tunnel and a pedestrian bridge. What will those be like?

To help us continue providing the community with continuity of care, these projects will provide hospital connections between the two towers. They will enable our staff to transport patients more seamlessly. 



What can you tell me about the earthquake safety of the new tower?

Children’s Hospital Tower is engineered for optimal building safety, fixed on 126 base isolators designed to withstand a major earthquake. 

Children's Hospital Play Rooms

Our new Children's Hospital Tower will feature multiple children's play rooms and a special teen area.