The QFACTS study aims to help us understand more about tests that can be used to predict if a woman is going to give birth prematurely. 

Who is in Charge of This Research?

The doctor in charge of this research is Bryan Oshiro, MD and James Kurtzman, MD.

How Can You be Involved?

If you are between 22 and 34 weeks pregnant, and are evaluated at LLUMC’s Maternity Services for symptoms of preterm labor, you may be eligible to participate in this study.  If you participate in this study, we will ask for your permission to do one extra test on a sample you provide during your evaluation for preterm labor. We will also ask for your permission to take information from your and your baby’s medical records.

Who Should You Contact if You Would Like for Information?

Please contact our research assistant, Tara Billings, at  or by phone at 909-651-5841 for more information. Please note that research personnel can only provide medical advice if he or she is also your health care provider.  If you have questions or concerns about your pregnancy, medical condition or health care, please contact your primary health care provider.