Pediatric Residency Research

The department of pediatrics offer exciting research opportunities for residents. Candidates are offered one of several research areas in which to focus their research questions. Typically, residents will work closely with a faculty member in the department of pediatrics or one of the full-time researchers on staff. This may either be by joining an ongoing research project or by choosing a new topic that is interesting for the researching resident. A research project is encouraged but not required. Additionally, the department of pediatrics encourages the pursuit of cooperative research with other departments at Loma Linda University and surrounding universities.

On a competitive award basis, the department of pediatrics offers various opportunities for the attainment of grant funds. Funds are also available from several sources on the Loma Linda campus as well as other traditional extramural avenues. The department maintains several research laboratories equipped for both clinical and basic science investigations of pediatric concerns. Additionally, research support groups are available for weekly discussions and didactic sessions. These range in scope from covering the fundamentals of research to advanced topics on research design and analysis. As one of the largest tertiary care facilities in Southern California, residents interested in pediatric research have access to one of the most varied patient populations of any hospital in the United States.