Drayson center: 100,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility that serves as a central location of health and wellness in the Loma Linda Community. This center is free for all employees and students at LLU.

Intramurals: The Pediatrics department pays for our residents to have the opportunity to play soccer, basketball and softball. We are called the Pedialytes.

Noon Conferences: Food is provided at every noon conference with meat options curtesy of our Pediatric Attendings.

Residency Lounge: Coffee, snacks and juices are stocked regularly for all residents at Loma Linda.

Loma Linda Running Club: Loma Linda Community that meets and runs together weekly.

Grand Rounds: free breakfast at every grand rounds

Unlimited candy: As a source of excessive energy!

Medical, Dental and Vision insurance: Phenomenal insurance that provides preventive visits for free and generic prescriptions for 5 dollars.

Protected Physician Visits: Protected time for residents to get annual check-ups, dental visits and eye appointments.


Employee Assistance Program: Loma Linda provides 10 free counseling sessions for an array of issues. This also includes suicide intervention and hotline.

Physician Vitality Department: This is headed by Dr. Barbara Hernandez who is available for any physician who is struggling especially with depression and burn out.

Quarterly Resiliency lectures


Festivities: Christmas and Graduation party courtesy of the Pediatric Residency program.

Annual Residency Retreat: 36 hours of protected off-campus residency wide retreat that includes all meals, lodging and activities where the attendings cover the inpatient and outpatient residency responsibilities.

Class Specific Retreats: Protected weekends specific to each class to encourage outside bonding and social activities


Mentoring: Residents are paired with esteemed faculty to facilitate professional relationships. Chief residents and 3rd years are paired with incoming interns to smooth this transition into residency.

Individualized learning plans: These plans are made between the mentor and the residents for not only study plans to study for boards, but also plans to succeed in whatever future they choose for themselves.

Professional Noon Conferences: Specific end of year noon conferences about MOC, applying for fellowship and jobs.

Other Perks and Benefits

  • Free daily catered noon conferences
  • International elective opportunities at various locations world wide
  • $1000 annual educational allowance
  • Private, single person, centrally located call rooms with a personal phone, computer and bed
  • Loma Linda Resident Handbook and NICU manual provided with tips and management tools
  • Free- covered protected parking with easy access to the hospital
  • Excellent Pediatric trained ancillary staff
  • Additional funds available if you walk or bike to work
  • Discounted tickets to several southern California attractions
  • Stipends & Benefits

For more information on Resident Benefits please visit: www.lluh.org/gme.